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Day 4 of Early Voting Outpaces 2016

17,698 voters participated in Early Voting in Montgomery County, MD on Day 4. In the 2016 General Election, only 13,831 voters exercised their right to vote on Day 4. The Germantown voting center saw the most voters on Day 4 with a total of 2,374 votes cast. A total of 87,453 voters have cast their […]

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2020 General Election Voting FAQ’s

Have questions about voting in Montgomery County in 2020? Here’s a guide with some of the frequently asked questions I’ve been getting. If you have a question that isn’t below, feel free to reach out to me! I didn’t receive my mail-in ballot. What should I do? Call the Montgomery County Board of Elections at […]

Elect Sitting Judges

Sitting Judges File Restraining Order Against Pierre

In what is probably one of the more petty things I’ve witnessed in local politics, the campaign for Elect Sitting Judges, which includes Judges David A. Boynton, Christopher C. Fogleman, Bibi M. Berry, and Michael McAuliffe, have filed a restraining order against Marilyn Pierre and her campaign because a campaign volunteer allegedly referred to Pierre […]

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First Day Early Voter Turnout Surpasses 2016

Marylanders turned out on the first day of in person Early Voting. Over 128,000 stood in line to vote as of 5:30pm. Mail-in ballots are also being returned at record rates. So far in Montgomery County, 219,852 ballots have been returned. In Maryland, 947,941 total ballots have been returned. Update Early voter turnout in Montgomery […]

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