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COVID-19 Exposure Notifications are now available in Maryland on iOS and Android devices

COVID-19 Exposure Notifications are now available for Maryland. The notification system is an API developed by Apple and Google in conjunction with health departments to help alert individuals who may have been exposed to COVID-19. For privacy reasons, these alerts are turned off by default but you can turn them on if you’d like to […]

Shebra Evans wins re-election to Montgomery County Board of Education District 4 seat

Shebra Evans has won re-election to the Board of Education District 4 seat over challenger Steve Solomon by 80,169 votes. This was the highest margin between two candidates in any of the Board of Education races this year. Name Total Votes Percent Shebra Evans 172,824 64.64% Steve Solomon 92,655 34.66% Write-ins 1,882 .70% Results as […]

Lynne Harris wins election to Montgomery County Board of Education At-Large seat

The Montgomery County Board of Education race was one of the most controversial races I’ve ever seen in local politics. Two of the pro-equity candidates moved on from the Primary, Sunil Dasgupta and Lynne Harris. Unofficial vote counts were released by the Montgomery County Board of Elections last night showing that Lynne Harris has won […]

What’s wrong with higher taxes?

Adam Pagnucco at The Seventh State recently wrote about Montgomery County’s spending during the pandemic, arguing that the county needs to balance the budget. His alternative was to threaten a tax hike. It seems unlikely the federal government will send more funds to state and local governments under another stimulus program. The situation is a […]

Sarbanes, Trone, Raskin win re-election to the House of Representatives

While votes are still being counted in Montgomery County and the rest of Maryland, I feel confident in saying that Representatives John Sarbanes, David Trone, and Jamie Raskin have been re-elected to the United States House of Representatives. District 3 Name Party Total Percent Charles Anthony Rep 86,316 32.1% John Sarbanes Dem 182,460 67.8% Other […]

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