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Racism in MCPS

Students across multiple MCPS high schools have come together to make racist incidents within their schools public because they feel their administrations and MCPS aren’t taking them seriously. I reviewed their accounts and talked with a couple of students. One student, Class of 2017 at B-CC, told me “Growing up around rich white kids from the B-CC while being black made me question my own identity and self-worth, and really put into perspective the serious gap between me and my classmates in so many different ways.”

EXCLUSIVE: MCPD Officer Shown Wearing “Breathe Easy” t-shirt

This is Blaine Pierce, a Rockville High School Alum and former Marine. He is currently an officer with MCPD. He’s wearing a shirt that says “BREATHE EASY. DON’T BREAK THE LAW.” The photo is from 2015. By the time this photo was taken Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Michael Brown Jr., Eric Harris, Freddie Gray, and […]

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Glass, Rice Introduce Special Appropriation for Arts & Humanities Orgs, Artists

Councilmembers Evan Glass and Craig Rice introduced a Special Appropriation to the Fiscal Year 2021 Operating Budget that would provide $3 million in grants to organizations in the arts and humanities sector. Additionally, micro-grants totaling $325,000 will go to micro-grants to artists. Federal Grants will fund these grants. You can read more about this Special […]

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