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Governor Hogan Extends Eviction Moratorium Until January 4th

Governor Larry Hogan today extended the eviction moratorium until at least January 4th through Executive Order.

The Executive Order is below.


Governor Hogan Votes for Reagan

The Washington Post reported today that Governor Larry Hogan wrote in Ronald Reagan instead of voting for anyone alive…or actually a candidate.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) said he “voted for Ronald Reagan” in this year’s election, writing in the name of the late president and conservative icon after concluding that he could support neither President Trump nor Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Turned off by Trump, Maryland’s GOP governor casts write-in vote for Ronald Reagan

Several local and state politicians were critical of the move, as well as residents. State Delegate Vaughn Stewart rightly called out Ronald Reagan’s history as destructive:

Delegate Vaughn Stewart on Twitter

Delegate Eric Luedtke likened Hogan’s performative ballot write-in to a vote for Trump:

Delegate Eric Luedtke on Twitter

The Post’s report also noted that Hogan considers Ronald Reagan a political hero:

Hogan, 64, called Reagan “my hero in politics” alongside his late father, Larry Hogan Sr., whom he wrote in for president in 2016 after deciding that he could not support Trump or then-Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Turned off by Trump, Maryland’s GOP governor casts write-in vote for Ronald Reagan

Let’s take a look at some of the things that Reagan stood for:

  • Tax cuts for the rich
  • Cutting social safety nets
  • Increasing military spending
  • Deregulation of markets
  • The murder of hundreds of thousands of gay men in the United States, millions throughout the world, during the AIDS epidemic
  • Expanding the war on drugs which started the mass incarceration of Black Americans
  • The invasion of several Latin American countries under the banner of “anti-communism” (El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala)

If Reagan is Hogan’s political hero then you’d think he would also really love Donald Trump who has basically the same policies as Reagan.


Governor Hogan Orders Stay at Home

On March 30th, 2020 Governor Larry Hogan announced a new “Stay at Home” order. This is not a shelter in place. Below are some the guidelines.

General Guidelines

  • Effective at 8PM on 3/30, everyone must stay in their homes except for essential activities, travel to work, performing services related to work
  • Businesses can remain open if they are considered an essential service
  • Businesses can deliver goods still
  • Businesses that are non-essential can remain open for minimal operations (more info below)
  • Fitness centers, theaters, golf courses, senior centers, and other recreational establishments must remain closed
  • Tattoo parlors, barber shops, salons, etc should be closed
  • If you are a victim of domestic violence or your living situation is unsafe you are allowed to seek a safe space
  • If you are experiencing homelessness you are allowed to seek a safe space
  • If you violate this order you can be charged with a misdemeanor and/or receive a $5,000 fine

What is considered essential?

  • Obtaining supplies (food, medicine, other groceries) for you, your family, and pets
  • Going outside for activity (walking, walking pets, jogging, riding bikes, hiking)
  • Caring for a family member, friend, pet in another household or location (this includes providing transport to an essential service like medical care)
  • Travel required by law enforcement or court order
  • Travel to a federal, State, or local government building for a necessary purpose

Non-Essential Business Guidance

  • You must close to the general public
  • Staff and owners can work but only on minimal operations
  • Minimal operations include: facilitating remote work, maintaining property, preventing loss or damage to property (including ensuring perishables do not spoil)
  • Caring for live animals
  • FOR RETAIL: you can continue to sell products on a delivery basis

Restaurant and Bar Guidance

  • Restaurants and bars will remain closed to the general public except for pickup, carryout, drive-through, delivery
  • Must follow social-distancing recommendations