Montgomery County Council passes bill to allow tenants to terminate lease

The council passed Bill 6-19, Landlord-Tenant Relations – Termination of Lease – Tenant Health and Safety, today. This bill requires that every rental lease allows the tenant to terminate the lease without any penalties if the landlord does not correct health and safety violations withint 30 days of the Department of Housing and Community Affairs […]

County Executive Marc Elrich and Council President Nancy Navarro release joint statement on Immigrant Support

Montgomery County values its diverse community that is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds, cultures and nations. We want to assure our residents that the County will continue to be a welcoming community for all. Joint Statement from County Executive Marc Elrich and Council President Nancy Navarro on Immigrant Support The full […]

MoCo Council to vote on amendment allowing development in areas under moratorium

The Council is looking to vote on a resolution that would amend the 2016-2020 Subdivision Staging Policy (SSP), which placed a moratorium through 2020 on developing in certain parts of the county where public schools were at capacity. The amendment would now allow development in these areas if the development fixes or replaces a condemned […]

Welcome to MoCo Local

All politics is local. — Former U.S. Rep. Tip O’Neill. MoCo is at an important step in its existence and I’m excited to be a part of it. There are so many issues that need to be addressed and one of the ways that I process information is by talking it over with other folks, […]

Introducing Jess

Hi, I’m Jess. I’ve lived in Montgomery County, MD for 4+ years with my spouse and our dog and cat. I’m a transplant from a small, rural town in Western New York state but I’ve lived in places all over the country, including Cleveland and San Diego. My story is similar to a lot of […]