Educational disparities in Black, Latino, and low-income students continue to widen during COVID-19 pandemic

According to a study conducted by the School of Public Health at the University of Maryland, Montgomery County students who are Black, Latino, or low-income are continuing to fall behind during the pandemic. 52 individuals were interviewed for the study. They include students, parents, teachers, and staff within the Montgomery County Public School system.

These students, without adequate support, are more likely to disengage from school and to fall further behind their peers academically. This would widen the educational disparities that were already evident in Montgomery County prior to the pandemic, but which are worsening during this period of online learning. Underserved students will continue to face trauma, housing and food insecurities, and additional stressors in their home lives even after schools return to in-person instruction.

SECURING EDUCATIONAL EQUITY: Learning from the Lived Experiences of Black, Latino, and Low-Income Families During the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Researchers found that these underserved students needed more adult support, more communication, and more resources such as more reliable internet, better meal distribution, and mental health support that is culturally competent.

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